You will love our printable series, which includes many activities and exercises that are effective for brain development.

-🧠Creative activities

-🧠Games that develop hand-eye coordination

-🧠Exercises for movement and body coordination

-🧠Activities to improve visual perception skills

and you will find many more creative content.

You will be able to see in detail how the activities are done with the videos you will watch by reading the QR codes.

Have a lot of fun and quickly improve your child’s mental performance with this printable material.🧠

A great project for those looking for a resource to meet children's differentiated education needs!

So what does this product do for you?

– 🧠It can be an alternative solution for children’s screen addiction, which is the biggest problem of families.


If you remove tablet and you should replace it with a fun and inspiring educational content.



The most important reason why you can’t move away the screen is not to replace it with a good alternative. 


– 🧠It is known that activities done with paper and pencil and concrete materials stimulate more neural areas in the brain. 


In this content, you can find every activity that children will need for their full physical-spiritual and mental development. 


– 🧠The most difficult times for the child are when he cannot find anything to occupy himself with. 


You will be providing her with material to keep her busy without worry, in a way that will inspire her. 


– 🧠If you want, you will have a good time with the activities you will do together and you will have quality time. 


We will develop it every month and present it to you, we wish it to be useful to its users..